Privacy and Policy :

Important Information :

Today world, many guys don’t know how to use online service for their business goal. Infoyatra, help to get their business goal and help to increase their business. Because some customer want their business for short term and some want long term business. Infoyatra have made their plans(Yearly and life time) to keep customer point of view .They included free services from other server sites and paid services in plans to provide best services for their client. Company needs to select Infoyatra’s plan carefully.They need to visit website and check each and everything and understand the work flow, Terms and conditions and other things. If user will not read conditions, infoyatra will not responsible. There are many features are added in new plans like SEO(Search Engine Optimzation). SEO provide services to increase your business performance. Infoyatra included SEO services in both plans(One year plan and Life time plan).Infoyatra Charge Rs 4500/Month for SEO. So in Plan selection time, if company will select any plan, Infoyatra will charge SEO charges with infoyatra's plan charges(ie selected Plan + SEO Charges).SEO Charge will not mention with plan in registration form(Registration form will work as mutual contract between infoyatra and other party.No need to create any other document for work like any other contract form or any aggreement.It will be a simple process. Infoyatra don’t have any agreement or contactor with any service provider sites like google, facebook and other. Also not sell any service related to any other server website.Infoyatra never in favour to create conflict between infoyatra and other service company, Just infoyatra want favour to help people to achieve their target goal. If any company have objection or issue in use of their free service related to their site, Infoyatra will stop their free services immediately. infoyatra motive related to use free services is to help user to achieve their goal not to create problem .Infoyatra never try to use any account for any illegal purpose. If client don’t know how to create service and want to use any free service related to other website like google and facebook through infoyatra. infoyatra will help to create that service. In that Case, client needs to pay service charges for infoyatra.If any company will select any infoyatra's plan which contains free services, they cannot claim for free service Ids. Like if they select one year plan and after plan expired. They cannot ask information of any free service given by any company. Infoyatra have rights to delete information, deactivate account or wait for sometime . Any Email(By Any name) Created by Infoyatra will never use for any commercial purpose.It will get illegal.If they will select life time plan.In that case infoyatra will give complete information for use only. Client cannot ask from any particular service information which can be free on other site included in in one year plan, if client will ask username and password for facebook account or for google, they ask for google email id(Created by Infoyatra). Information will never share with client. Also Client have not right to ask any service details related to plan after expired. if user want, they needs to select life time plan to get more information.They cannot complaint on any site regarding any query becasue infoyatra not selling their free services.If they will do, infoyatra will take legal action.). In plan selection time. SEO Payment can be done monthly or yearly as per user choice. But they needs to pay complete payment within plan limit(Like for one year, in 12 month). Otherwise, infoyatra will not give any support after plan expired. Also will not release any services(like google account, Google my bussiness and others) from infoyatra's hand which can be free on any server like google, facebook and others.Payment invoice/Slip can send through email/By Hand or client can take pic. If client does not get invoice/Slip, they can ask later also.

Regarding Information changes in customer Account :
We cannot change any customer information without any reason. When customer wants any changes in their account, they can call us, email us or when we meet with customer. They can ask directly. We change data in front of customer and show changes otherwise inform through phone. If we are in office. If anything wrong updated, Customer can call again and ask for changes. It will be free . So we never keep any record about changes mean when information change, who call and ask for changes and by which medium, we got information regarding changes. We can do changes as per client requirement only. They needs to check their account information regularly. But when any plan created by infoyatra have been expired. Customer cannot ask again any changes. Customer has not rights to claim for any changes again. It will be illegal. For that, they need to renew their plan. We never want to break our relation with any customer. We believe in only providing high quality services, not to cheat anyone.

Regarding Plan Renewal :
As an ethical firm, we believe in cordial relationship with our customers. So we like meet them directly. If customer likes our services, they can renew their account or otherwise stop service with infoyatra. We don’t call then or send unnecessary emails to them for renewal and believe in only providing high quality services.

Regarding Website development :
Any client want website from infoyatra. They need to discuss website payment in starting only. Infoyatra will provide website quotation and after approval only, work will start .After completion, website amount will not change or cannot ask for reduction. They needs to pay 40% in advance, 10% after logo design, 20% after website design and remaining after completion. Infoyatra will give one year free support service. But if client want more feature, they needs to pay extra amount.