Terms And Conditions :

Important Points :

• For new registration, Client should provide valid information in registration form and after adding information, check carefully.
• For security purpose, login credentials should not provide to any client. if they want any new updates or changes, They need to send information to company email id/ By Phone/ client Meeting. Information will update within 24 hours.
• User should select plan according to their requirements.
• Plan payment should be done through cheque or account transfer with 2 days. Otherwise, account will be suspend or delete.
• Once plan selection update, User cannot change plan. If user want new plan or updated plan, they need to pay amount according to plan.
• Updated information will display within 24 hours.
• All invoices will be sending to their respective email account/ By Hand/ Or client take pics also, after payment.
• Needs to renew account within 5 working days before expire.
• If account expire and renewal have not done within 10 days, all services provided by infoyatra will stop and information will delete. infoyatra will not responsible for any issue.
• After account delation, if client want again their account. In that case, they need to start from registration process.
• After suspension or delation, if any client will create any issue, infoyatra will not help and can able to take legal action.